Get to market with less risk and more reward. It’s possible, with Alira Health’s market access services, designed to help you plan and execute entry strategies for U.S. and European markets. We can help you seize more business opportunity, by helping you to understand the markets and customers who can benefit most from your innovation.


Niche insight

Let us help you gain a larger share of the market with a deeper level of insight into epidemiology and patient populations. We examine the competitive landscape and payer variables that can help you move past market barriers. Most important, we make it easy to see your go-to-market options – including direct access, licensing, and mix-model scenarios.

Evidence-based validation

We perform the primary and secondary research required to validate your assumptions and to build a market access strategy that maximizes on your innovation.

What can we do for you?

  • Market validation: Evaluate the landscape and existing market opportunities.
  • Market access strategy and prioritization: Identify the right country launch sequence for your product.
  • Go-to-market recommendations: Determine the best go-to-market options for your success.

What can you do with our market access services?

  • Increase your share of market opportunity.
  • Find your place in the competitive landscape.
  • Price products for market advantage.
  • Evaluate the economics of your product in the marketplace.
  • Prioritize when, where, and how to launch your products.

Struggling to make big market moves with too little market insight? Let Alira Health show you exactly where your products fit within the global healthcare market. As experts in healthcare and life sciences, can provide you with a granular view of your market to prepare your business for expansion – from developing market strategies to setting goals and navigating the competitive landscape.

We know how quickly the market moves so we provide actionable insight to keep you one step ahead, with custom market research based on objective, thorough, and comprehensive data collection and analysis from more sources – so you can find more untapped market opportunity.

What can we do for you?

  • Strategic market assessments
  • Primary research, surveys, focus groups, and interviews
  • Secondary data collection and review
  • Market demographic analysis
  • Competitive analysis and review

Expert guidance

Our team of experts includes advisors with healthcare, science, financial, and business experience who research your market from every angle. They’ll help you understand your market options before you put your strategic investments on the line. With their research as a guide, you can make informed business decisions with the most up-to-date market intelligence on any sector or product line.

Untapped insight

We take our research further, by carrying out surveys and interviews with focus groups, industry experts, and key opinion leaders. We also collaborate with clinicians, executives, hospital personnel, distributors, and administrators. We leverage more data from more places, including government and commercial market sources and global healthcare databases to target growth, synergy, economy-of-scale, and revenue opportunities.

Market planning

Our market research outlines revenue, sales volume, product mix, supply chain, and distribution channels, along with core capability analysis within R&D and manufacturing. We also evaluate brands and reputations, competitive cost structures, product portfolios and pipelines, R&D, supply chains, and distributions for the go-to-market insight you need to succeed.

Which acquisition moves should your healthcare and life science company make — and which should it avoid? Alira Health helps you see the benefits and risks of proposed investments more clearly.  We provide insight into the pros and cons of an acquisition, by evaluating and forecasting potential outcomes — so you can find the ones that meet your short- and long-term business goals.

To buy or not to buy?

That’s the question we can help you answer. We’ll help you analyze a potential prospect to determine if it helps your business or puts your competitive standing at risk. Our team provides a deeper company analysis to help you leverage strategic acquisitions to meet your business goals.

What we do

  • Risk/benefit M&A analysis
  • Asset evaluation
  • Market investigation
  • Competitive assessments

Who we serve

Buyers in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

How we help

We provide information to help you decide whether to move forward with an acquisition based on:

  • Market segmentation, size, trend drivers, and constraints.
  • Market competition and barriers to entry.
  • Product positioning, profitability, regulations, and legal constraints.
  • Clinical assessment.
  • Customer and supplier feedback.
  • Corporate and organizational structure.
  • Management and operational risk.
  • Business plan visibility.
  • M&A activities in the market and available targets.

You work hard to develop your IP and product portfolio – so maximize it. Empower your business to make the most of your product portfolio by managing it more strategically. Alira Health provides the advisory services you need at every stage of the product lifecycle for IP portfolio optimization.

Portfolio management is a challenge for major healthcare and life science companies as well as those that have a limited portfolio or geographic reach. Let us advise you on your strategic options for getting the most from your IP – from Rx and OTx to OTC and self-care.

Take your IP farther

We evaluate and recommend the best approach to rationalizing your product portfolio and finding solutions to achieve your corporate and business development objectives. We advise in portfolio analysis and valuation, up/out-licensing, asset divestment execution, and portfolio expansion strategies to help you advance your IP initiatives.

Questioning your portfolio choices?

We have global experience working with business development and alliance management executives from pharma, life science, medical technology, and healthcare IT companies, so we can help you answer questions like:

  • How do we identify and approach the right decision makers?
  • Do we understand the optimal return with our sales force (P1, P2, P3 mix)?
  • Should we partner for in/out licensing, co-promotion, or shared distribution?
  • When facing de-reimbursement, should we consider Rx to OTx or OTC switch?
  • Should we divest mature assets to focus on our core products and markets?

Feeling the pressure of pricing your products in a complex healthcare market? Alira Health can offer evidence-based advice on valuing your innovation for strategic advantage. Let us provide you with the actionable pricing and reimbursement strategies you need – from initial planning to market execution.

With us, you get customized pricing and reimbursement strategies that not only create value but also help you gain market access that can lead to a competitive advantage.

Price with confidence

We provide market-based evidence to validate your product’s clinical and economic value. We do it by tapping into a network of clinical stakeholders and decision makers, along with our in-house team of medical doctors and technologists who collaborate to find opportunities that exist for competitive reimbursement.

Gain industry awareness

We look at the market locally, nationally, and globally to provide you with a wider perspective of your pricing options. We also leverage the market expertise of industry professionals who can evaluate and recommend the proactive payment and pricing strategies that are best for you.

Do you have a healthcare device or life science innovation that you think is going to add measurable value to patients and clinicians? Rely on our Center for Healthcare Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR) to help you communicate the hidden value of your products so you can increase your market access.

We provide a dedicated team of clinicians, health economists, and consultants who work closely with regulatory, payer, and marketing experts. We can help you target economic and financial value to drive higher adoption of your products.

Who do we help?

  • Early-stage developers
  • Late-stage innovators

What do we evaluate?

  • Burden of illness
  • Clinical pathway validation
  • Economic evaluation
  • Comparative effectiveness research (CER)

Value-added validation

Get the guidance and insight you need to demonstrate how changes in treatment can influence outcomes and position your product as the solution to satisfy unmet needs, with research backed by clinical evidence and cost-effectiveness models.

Regulatory approval is critical to moving your healthcare or life sciences product from innovation to market. Understanding the regulatory requirements that govern your market takes a broad knowledge base and a wide range of expertise. Alira Health provides the regulatory strategy to help you map your journey through regulatory approval.

We have global expertise in implementing pre-clinical and clinical trials to support universal regulatory approval. Trust in our team to prepare and review your data for submission to regulatory agencies, including the FDA, Asian and European regulators.

Get the leadership skills you need to take your business to the next level. Alira Health leadership empowerment services guide entrepreneurs and managers through the many phases of business growth so they can maximize every stage of opportunity.

We can help you understand your healthcare and life science market and its many sub-segments, including the complex dynamics that put your venture under constant pressure to adapt to change. With us you get the industry knowledge you need to mitigate the risks and ongoing challenges of the healthcare and life science markets with flexibility and speed.

How do we work?

We take a hands-on approach to leadership coaching that’s already helped hundreds of executives and management teams advance their leadership capabilities. We ensure your success with personal and professional coaching sessions that match you with a senior partner who can provide industry-specific guidance.

Clear direction

Receive the management skills you need to:

  • Expand your product offerings.
  • Launch a startup.
  • Diversify your business.
  • Invest in medical segments.

Expert guidance

Our leadership coaches provide customized insight and training that includes:

  • Market overviews to understand how companies in your segment are investing.
  • Workshops to teach you and your team market dynamics.
  • Attendance at conferences, tradeshows, and exhibitions.
  • Introduction to key opinion leaders in your sector.
  • Action plans to overcome obstacles, facilitate change, and achieve objectives.

Protect your business from potential conflicts of interest – for due diligence and compliance. Alira Health provides fairness opinions to satisfy your obligations – and to safeguard your business. Rely on us for independent, unbiased advice to help you generate confidence with investors in your company and assets. Our valuation professionals are worldwide experts who can provide a more global perspective of your requirements.

Why choose us for your fairness opinion?

Our FINRA-registered broker/dealer ensures that you receive the appropriate legal and regulatory framework to provide fairness opinions to public companies related to:

  • ‍Company Sales or Divestitures
  • Acquisitions
  • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
  • Issuance of Certain Securities
  • Reorganizations & Recapitalizations

A clear view of valuation

Our professionals have expertise in healthcare and life sciences as well as accounting, taxation, and financial due diligence. With their guidance, you can obtain the valuation advice you need to understand the worth of proposed transaction, along with stakeholder requirements for earnings and market value.

Accuracy in decision-making

Accuracy in modeling is what we do best. Rely on us to guide you through critical decisions with model review, model support, and model-build activities designed to predict conflicts with more clarity.