Wound Care Innovation Symposium Finalists Announced

The 3rd Annual Alira Health – EWMA Advanced Wound Care Innovation Symposium is one of the key events during the upcoming 2018 EWMA Congress. New wound healing innovations will be presented to the audience and panel of distinguished AWC experts. Finalists will be competing for the 2018 Wound Healing Innovation Award of 20,000 euros (including cash and in-kind services).

The symposium will feature a fireside chat with Health Economics and Outcomes Research experts moderated by Dr. Mitchell Sanders, Chief Scientific Officer of Alira Health.


  • Frank Barrows, Vice President Clinical and Scientific Liaison at MiMedx
  • Jignesh Patel, Global Technology Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Mölnlycke Health Care
  • Kent Høier Nielsen, Principal Scientist Wound Care at Coloplast


Aurealis Pharma AG is a biopharmaceutical company based in Finland and Switzerland. They have developed an innovative wound healing therapy which, by using genetically modified lactic acid bacteria produces multiple therapeutic proteins and antibodies in the diseased tissue on a continuous basis. Therapeutic efficacy has been shown on fibroblast migration, macrophage activity, and angiogenesis.

SastoMed GmbH based in Germany has developed a hemoglobin-based wound spray, which can be used easily in everyday wound healing treatment as an adjunct to the current Standard of Care. The product improves tissue oxygenation by means of facilitated diffusion. A large body of peer-reviewed publications already available show the significant potential this product could have on for example healing times, recurrence, wound pain, and total cost of treatment.

Next Science Group based in Australia is following a unique, unprecedented approach to eradicate biofilm bacteria with a proprietary, non-toxic technology that disrupts the biofilm’s extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) matrix. Their most current development, a breakthrough antimicrobial wound gel, is powered by this patented technology. It deconstructs the bacterial biofilm EPS matrix, destroys bacteria within the gel, and defends from recolonization while maintaining a moist wound environment.

We hope you will attend to see which of these contenders will win the 2018 Wound Healing Innovation Prize of 20.000 euros.

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