Alira Health | Global Market Access Practice

Global expertise in market access for pharma and MedTech innovations

Alira Health’s Global Market Access practice helps clients demonstrate value, optimize patient access, and realize the commercial opportunity for their healthcare and life sciences innovations

Our Global Market Access practice is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, with expertise across Europe and the United States. We deliver strategic solutions rooted in:

Objective Analysis

Objective analysis of complex therapeutic areas, markets, pricing, and reimbursement landscapes

Industry expertise

Extensive expertise in market access, pricing, health economics, and real-world evidence

An integrated team approach

Our collaborative team works in partnership with clients, providing frequent, transparent and effective communication

Quality data

High-quality outputs, substantiated by credible and established sources

Tailored solutions

Our team works hard to get a clear understanding of your objectives, and design solutions with your goal in mind

Our Services

  • Global market access  pricing, and reimbursement strategy
  • Mock negotiations and payer consultations
  • Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) strategy
  • Real-world evidence strategy and plan
  • Value communications
  • Accelerated Coverage Pathways for Innovation (MedTech)
  • Market access diagnostic MAPTM (MedTech)

Accelerated Coverage Pathways for Innovation: A European Mapping

Currently, over 20 pathways have been identified across Europe, each with their own scope, evidence requirements, stakeholders, access pathway, and timeline. Click the button below to learn more about Accelerated Coverage Pathways for Innovation (ACPI).

For more information, please contact:

Jean-François Ricci, PharmD PhD
Executive Vice President, Global Market Access
Richard Charter
Vice President, MedTech Market Access, Europe & Asia-Pacific
Deepak Sahu
Partner, Healthcare Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Lead

About Alira Health

At Alira Health, our mission is to enable healthcare transformation.

We support our client’s business with our Product Development, Regulatory, Clinical, Market Access, Strategy Consulting, and Transaction Advisory services. Our team of scientists, strategists, bankers, and doctors collaborate to fully understand every aspect of your business and offer a continuum of support to uncover opportunities, accelerate innovation, and improve outcomes for patients around the world.