Dr. Martin Pöhlchen Presents Digital Transformation in Healthcare at the DVFA Life Science Conference

Martin Pöhlchen, PhDPartner at Alira Health, Germany, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in healthcare at the DVFA Life Science Conference in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The digitalization of healthcare is progressing at an astounding rate. The digital health market in Germany accounted for €6.5bn in 2015 and is expected to grow at an annual rate greater than 20% through 2020. With the implementation of the 2016 EU data protection law in Germany, several new regulations will have tremendous impact on digitalization in this field. Dr. Pöhlchen will walk you through his analysis of these trends and answer your questions on the impact of the digital healthcare revolution and its effect on people’s health.

Dr. Martin Pöhlchen has over 20 years of experience in general management, licensing, business and corporate development, sales and marketing, private and public corporate finance, strategic transactions, M&A, intellectual property and R&D management, including drug and regulatory development.Dr. Pöhlchen heads the working group Bio-IT and Big Data of the German biotech lobby organization, BIO Deutschland. He has advised transactions exceeding €400m in total value. In 2004 he was awarded the Deutscher Zukunftspreis, the Federal President’s Award for Technology and Innovation.‍

10th DVFA Life Science Conference 

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

9:10 AM – 9:40 AM

DVFA Center

Mainzer Landstraße 37-39
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The 10th DVFA Life Science Conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation in Healthcare (DVFA: Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalyse und Asset Management; English: German Association of Financial Analysts). With the explosive growth in health and biomedical data, the digital transformation of the healthcare sector is gaining momentum.‍


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