Alira Health announces Computational Life as new portfolio company for Alira Health Ventures

Alira Health welcomes Computational Life as new portfolio company for Alira Health Ventures

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS – November 20, 2019 – Alira Health (, a leading international healthcare and life sciences advisory firm, adds Computational Life as a portfolio company for Alira Health Ventures. Computational Life is combining mathematics and medicine to deliver solutions to MedTech, universities, and pharmaceutical companies. By using multi-scale mathematical models, they are developing an In-Silico Clinical Trials platform that can simulate pathological scenarios and design novel medical devices on a virtual population. The cardiovascular module is already on the market.

“We are looking forward to the partnership with Alira Health as they will be a great partner to help us enter the U.S. market. We believe their unique network in the healthcare field will help us accelerate the growth of the company”, said Carlo Rivis, CEO of Computational Life.

“Computational Life’s mathematics models and software to have the power to drive great change in healthcare,“ said Gabriele Brambilla, Alira Health’s Chief Executive Officer. “We welcome them to our Alira Health Ventures incubator program, and are proud to support them as they bring this transformational technology to the U.S. market.

Alira Health Ventures manages a wholly owned incubator of portfolio companies in breakthrough technology that advance healthcare and impact patient lives.

About Computational Life:

Computational Life’s mission is to provide a Digital Avatar, a digital copy of the human body that simulates humans and animals through modern mathematical models. Our software represents a highly innovative testing platform to study the human body in physiological and pathological scenarios and allows designing and quantifying the global and local effect of medical devices, drugs, treatments.

Our software also provides the possibility to simulate medical devices (and also drugs in the future) in several pathological scenarios and on a virtual population (people with different ages, heights, weights, and pathologies), limiting the need of animal tests and improving the successful rate of the human trials. This platform is completely versatile and can be connected with the existing simulation software, such as Fluent and Abaqus, and other existing mathematical models such as Heartflow, to better fit the needs of the customer, making this an enticing option.

Computatioal Life was founded in 2018 and based in the U.S. To learn more about Computational Life, visit