CMC Consulting Group Becomes Alira Health

New name reflects dramatic expansion to include innovative research, product development, and business incubator

Our New Identity

Boston, USA and Paris, France — January 9, 2017

CMC Consulting Group (, a leading international healthcare and life sciences advisory firm, is now Alira Health (, the result of a carefully planned growth to significantly expand the company’s footprint in the healthcare space.

“We changed the name to a word that did not exist,” said Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health. “It speaks to what we have become — a company unlike any other in healthcare.”

Since its founding in 1999, the company has focused its efforts on providing comprehensive consulting services to companies seeking to enter and grow in the healthcare sector. Alira Health is now poised to expand on those services by conducting innovative research on behalf of its clients.

This was made possible by the construction of an on-site Drug and Device Discovery Laboratory in the company’s office in Framingham, a Boston suburb. In addition, Alira Health is investing in a brand-new businesses incubator to open soon.

“We have always known that the growth of our business would require us to change our name,” said Benjamin Chambon, COO of Alira Health. “The fact that this need came so quickly is attributed to the success of our world-class team of experts.”

Alira Health is the only advisory firm to offer this unique portfolio of strategy, execution and innovation services to lead clients through the spectrum of clinical and go-to-market challenges — from product innovation to global expansion.


Founded in 1999, Alira Health ( is an international firm with offices in six locations across the United States and Europe, including Boston, San Francisco, Munich, Paris, Milan and Barcelona. Alira Health provides integrated strategy, execution and innovation services to help businesses bring pharma, medical technology and healthcare IT to market. The company’s team is composed of doctors, scientists, bankers and consultants who help clients maximize investment, market and clinical opportunities through every phase of the business and product life cycle.


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