CMC Advises Lavorel Medicare in the Acquisition of LDTAS Apotecnia

CMC Advises Lavorel Medicare in the Acquisition of LDTAS Apotecnia

April 14, 2015

Paris, France – Lavorel Groupe announced the acquisition of LTDAS Apotecnia through their subsidiary Lavorel Medicare S.A. Lavorel Medicare, which is 90% owned by Lavorel Groupe and 10% by Merieux Developpement, specializes in meeting the needs of the Health Care Market. Recently, Lavorel Medicare and Merieux Developpement have announced an additional acquisition of the minority stake in Israel’s Ninox, a company that is developing an innovative solution in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Lavorel Medicare is the largest shareholder of Bonitas (Germany), a company specializing in the homecare and intensive care industries. At the time of acquisition, 14 years ago, Lavorel Medicare realized annual revenue of €1.5 million. Today, with the help of management in business development initiatives, the company generates annual revenue of €82.6 million and has 1,900 full-time employees throughout fifty agencies. Growth is expected to remain strong over the coming years, allowing the company to achieve annual sale of more than €100 million by 2017.LDTAS, better known through its brands Apotecnia and Kelis Medical, is the French leader in the distribution of single-use disposable medical devices, particularly in the areas of catheter and perfusion. Established in 1983, the company initially expanded on the basis of an exclusive distribution agreement for Becton Dickinson products in the Medical Surgical System sector. While this activity remains important for the company’s business, the firm has expanded its product offerings and now distributes over 2,000 products from 40 different suppliers, predominately to public and private healthcare facilities with a central pharmacy, EPHAD and resellers. In 2014, LDTAS’s income totaled over € 35 million and the firm employed 39 employees, based mainly in the company’s 3,000 m² logistics facility in Aubagne.


The acquisition of LDTAS represents for Lavorel Groupe a re-entrance into the French Healthcare Market, following their sale of LVL Medical in August 2012 to Air Liquide Group. Principally, the acquisition allows Lavorel Groupe to have a strong position in the Medical Device Distribution Market space.


Mr. Ottombre, former CEO of LDTAS, states that “this acquisition comes in a market where customers and suppliers are merging, requiring a new strategy for Lavorel Medicare. I am confident that Lavorel’s expertise in the Healthcare Market and their advanced knowledge of the French Market space will be a winning combination.”


Mr. Lavorel, company president, stated that: “LDTAS exhibits great commercial and logistical competency and is recognized for the quality of their services and rapid pace of development. Although the partnership with Becton Dickinson remains a key aspect of our strategy, we will look to expand through offerings of new complimentary products from additional suppliers and expansion of target markets, including sales to providers. Additionally, our teams are seeking to acquire innovative products in diabetes and dialysis. We will continue to grow and expect to announce new acquisitions the sector in the future. ”


CMC Consulting SAS acted as advisor to Lavorel Medicare in the acquisition of LDTAS Apotecnia.CMC Group is an international advisory firm providing integrated consulting and investment banking services to companies in the life science industries.


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