Alira Health's Approach to Market Access

Alira Health's Pharma Practice includes strategists, health economists, doctors and pharmacists to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in planning and executing successful Market Access. 


We optimize pricing strategies.

We map reimbursement pathways.

We enable value communication to key stakeholders.


Enable 3P Collaboration     

Achieve greater acceptance by Payers, Physicians, and Patients

Realize Potential     

Determine, demonstrate and communicate the benefits of a drug

Gain Access    

Provide the information decision-makers need for listing, pricing and reimbursement

Maximize Outcome    

Optimize pricing strategy to balance needs of stakeholders and patients


Alira Health’s proven capabilities provide a powerful advantage in delivering successful market access advisory.

Market Research      

Our rigorous market research methods turn raw epidemiology data into useful insights to quantify a drug’s market potential. 

Economic Modeling     

Our techniques measure the value for money of treatment subject to constraints such as clinical setting, geography in scope, and target patients, among others.

Strategic Planning     

Our process results in maximizing the potential commercial value of a drug by prioritizing opportunities based on market, geography, settings, barriers to entry, and competition avoidance options.

Value Communication     

Our work distills the key benefits of a drug to payers (public/private, local/national insurance), buyers (prescribers) and consumers (target patients).

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