Alira Health and EWMA present the 2nd Annual Wound Care Innovation Symposium

Alira Health and EWMA are holding the 2nd Annual Wound Care Innovation Symposium during this year’s EWMA Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 4th from 3-7pm. The symposium features a discussion by a panel of global biofilm experts on antibiotic resistance, protease expression, quorum sensing, exopolysaccharide synthesis (EPS), ecological competition, and novel antibiotics to disrupt biofilms.

Following the panel discussion, the finalists in Alira Health’s Wound Care Innovation challenge will present the latest innovations in advanced wound care.

Based on participants’ submissions and presentations, Alira Health will award €10,000 cash plus €5,000 in-kind services to the team with the most compelling innovation.

Check out 2016’s winner, Imbed Biosciences.



  • Alira Health
  • Baril Corp
  • BioMedGPS
  • Imbed Biosciences

Space is limited and requires preregistration.

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