Partner with Alira Health for streamlined development of healthcare and life science products. We have the technology, expertise, and facilities to transform your ideas into market opportunities. Our research and development capabilities are full-service – and full-spectrum. Not only can we help you innovate, but we can oversee development from clinical review to market adoption.


Our product advisors are scientists, doctors, and regulatory experts who can help you anticipate and overcome clinical and regulatory challenges before they turn into roadblocks.


Develop your products inside our hub of innovation integrated within our advisory firm for streamlined services to accelerate clinical and regulatory management and review.


Alira Health advisors don’t have to get up to speed on your market because they’re already experts in life science and healthcare development.

What’s the benefit of innovating with us?

  • Full-service R&D capabilities.
  • One-stop shop for product strategy, execution, and innovation.
  • Expertise in developing products with regulatory and clinical needs in mind.

Alira Health is where intellectual property is created and lives. We take our healthcare and life science skills to work to develop IP that solves problems, improves health, and is worthy of your investment.

No one knows the global healthcare and life science market as well as we do, which is why we have our finger on the pulse of what’s next in patient care. We can create IP for your brand, or you can license IP that we set up and manage.

Pharma and life science

We have decades of experience and a team of experts who understand the science behind the cause of disease and can help innovate early stage biotech, RX, pharmaceuticals, and OTC products.

Medical device and healthcare IT

Our team of scientists and doctors know what caregivers and payers need to diagnose, monitor, manage, and treat disease.

Why choose us for IP development?

  • Full-service IP development services.
  • One-stop shop for IP management.
  • State of the art biochemistry lab (3DL)

Put our science on your side. Partner with Alira Health for research and development guidance from our team of industry experts. We’ll help you direct your great idea from concept to reality with advisory services tailored to the needs of healthcare and life science innovators.

We’ll provide all the clinical and scientific oversight you need to advance your product from prototype to market adoption. Our in-house experts can assist you with every phase of R&D, including testing and product evaluation.

How can we help?

  • Decades of experience in healthcare and life science.
  • An interdisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, bankers, and consultants.
  • Specialties in pharma, life science, biotech, med-tech, and healthcare IT innovation.

What do you get?

  • Clinical guidance on product design.
  • Evaluation of the science behind your innovations.
  • ‍Support and insight on research and development best practices.

Alira Health is one of the few – if not the only – life science advisory firms that also functions as an incubator of breakthrough technology. We put our clinical, scientific, and regulatory expertise to work to develop products and launch companies that you can buy into or license as your own.

Looking to expand your product portfolio? Purchase or license our technologies, designed to advance patient care and your bottom line. We put our passion for saving lives into everything we produce, ensuring that our discoveries deliver value to patients, clinicians, and investors.

Our Incubator Advantage

  • ‍Onsite Drug, Device, and Discovery Lab (3DL).
  • Transaction advisory services.
  • Medical affairs expertise.