Life at Alira Health.

At Alira Health, we believe that diversity stimulates innovation, which is why we put it at the heart of our operations. Our workforce is populated with life science and healthcare professionals from all over the globe who collaborate in our hub of innovation. Here, we value every person for their contributions and explore every idea without judgment.

You won’t find dull moments and downtime in our midst. Our employees balance hard work in a fast-paced environment that brings everyone together through social events, meals, and networking. Our employees are just as likely to be found brainstorming in our game room as they are in a conference room or a lab.

Learning never stops, which is why our workforce is on a constant journey to expand their knowledge through global travel and ongoing education. We embrace the concept of work-life balance, by giving our people access to flexible work programs to use for family time or to grow their skills.

We pride ourselves on delivering a vibrant, creative, and entrepreneurial environment where walls and glass ceilings do not hold back initiative.